Review: The Teller by Jonathan Stone

3 Reluctant Stars

Elaine Kelly is a young, attractive bank teller for a large corporate bank.  She’s kind, helpful, good Catholic girl.  She takes care of her dying mother and some of her customers wait specifically for her.  Meet Antonio Desirio, elderly man who comes in weekly and waits for Elaine so he can make his deposit.  This meek little old man has an account with over a million dollars.  One day, right after making a deposit, he walks out of the bank and is struck by a truck and killed instantly.  In that moment, Elaine makes a decision.  With a few keystrokes, the money goes from Mr. Desirio’s account into her own.  You would think this was a story about a meek bank teller who finally gets fed up and steals the money.  But it’s not even close.  Apparently Mr. Desirio has been dealing with some very bad people, who want very badly to have their money returned to them.  They are not above murder and soon these very unsavory people are after Elaine, they want that money back.

There are quite a few twists in this book, and it was easy to get a little lost in some of them.  I did find myself having to read a few passages over again just to make sure I understood exactly what was going on.  The pace is nearly frenetic, and it does suit the story, but it was just a little too fast for me.  There wasn’t enough time to develop most of the characters and even to get a good idea of who the bad guys really were.  Some parts of the story were a little far-fetched for me and I think the story could have progressed just as well without them.  But I understand the need for drama and the need for a little blackmail.

For me this was a quick read though I wish the pace had been backed off a bit and more time spent on drawing out and developing the characters and the story.  But it was ultimately an okay read.  Definitely for someone who wants a very fast paced story with twists and turns.  There is some violence and sexual content.  Not too graphic by today’s standards, but if you’re not warned about it, can be a little shocking.  I will say that it was not over-done and that impressed me.  It could have quickly become very graphic and I was gratified to not have it delve into those depths.

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Filed under Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

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