Review: Exposure by Alan Russell

2 Stars

Paparazzo Graham Wells has a secret.  His actions helped cause the accident that killed two beloved public figures.  He thought he buried the evidence.  Someone found out.  Now he is being blackmailed by a man claiming to be with the CIA.  He is blackmailed into using his paparazzi experience to bring down Hollywood icons.  That’s how he finds Hollywood golden girl, Lanie Byrne.  While doing his job for the blackmailers, he interrupts her suicide attempt and in doing so, he begins to get a better picture of the machinations going on behind the scenes and learns why he’s being blackmailed and by whom.

The novel takes you around the world from Paris, Spain, Germany and the US just to name a few.  The references used are all very current and you can tell that the author really did his research.  But there was almost too much information crammed into this book.  There was quite a bit of jumping around to the point where I had to go back and re-read several pages just to figure out exactly where I was in the story.

The protagonist was not one I could identify with very easily.  He seemed to have a conscience, but then it would disappear.  He was more interested in saving his own hide much of the time to really give me the impression that he actually gave a damn about anyone or anything else.  He also tied the ends together way too easily for my liking.  I was still trying to guess at several things when he’s already explaining how it was done with absolutely no way he could have figured out several pieces because the threads leading to them were so thin, they were non-existent.

For me, I wish more time was spent with Graham and Lanie and less time spent with some of the antagonists.  This is of course, only my opinion.  Others may find the time spent with the antagonists fine, but for me, it really took away from the story.  The flow was interrupted and it made some of the connections harder to come by instead of easier.

The plot was great and it was very well researched and written.  It just wasn’t my cup of tea.


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Filed under Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

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