Review: You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) by Felicia Day

4 1/2 Stars

Full disclosure: I was already a fan of Felicia Day.  I fell in love with her web series, The Guild (which I just finished binge watching (again) over the holiday) and followed her through Geek & Sundry, Table Top and other webisodes.  When I saw that she’d written a memoir, I couldn’t wait to read it.  I definitely wasn’t disappointed at all.  It was a really fun read and it was definitely easy to see how her personality developed and she went from home schooled, awkward kid to full on Internet Geek Celebrity.

If you’re not a geek yourself, you may not understand some of the references, but that really shouldn’t take away from her story.  Most of us can relate to that wanting to belong and that feeling that you get when you find a group of people where everything just clicks.  Where your weirdness and oddities aren’t looked at strangely but are just accepted and welcomed.  That’s not just something that geeks share with other geeks, it’s something that people share with one another.  We all want to have that feeling of belonging.

There was a section of the book where I seriously went “OMG I did that too!  That was totally me!”  Felicia played World of Warcraft and as someone who also played the same game, I got every single reference and I understood exactly what she was talking about.  That the relationships that you had with those other avatars were as real as any friendship that you could have with someone face to face.  You may never meet that person, but the friendship and relationship that you have is every bit as real as that of your best friend from first grade.

The way she wrote this memoir reminds me a lot of her writing for The Guild series.  I really enjoyed the fun of her writing and could see her sitting there in front of the camera just telling her story in her sweet, somewhat awkward way.

There were definitely lessons that she learned that all of us can take something from them and learn ourselves.  Her story wasn’t always sunshine and unicorns.  Felicia went through a lot of adversity and continues to face it today.  But her resilience and power to overcome the hurdles in her life was pretty inspirational.  I was surprised by her story and of where she came from and what she’s had to go through to get to where she is today.  It’s a story that will resonate with a lot of people.  I definitely recommend this to anyone with a little bit of geek in them.

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