Review: A Death in Sweden by Kevin Wignall

1 Star

I’ve been behind, this was actually my Kindle First selection from February.  The description sounded promising.  Dan Hendricks is a former CIA operative who is now freelancing to those who pay well.  His specialty is finding people who have otherwise disappeared from the face of the earth.  He locates the untraceable fugitives for the highest bidder.  But it seems that his past is catching up to him and it looks like the CIA is wanting to clean house and get rid of its dirty laundry.  As he finishes his most recent job, he’s hit with the news that many of his friends and former crew members are winding up dead and he now has a huge target on his back.

As he begins to go on the run to protect himself and stay one step ahead of those who are in pursuit, he’s asked to take another job.  A man in Sweden has heroically saved a young girl from a horrific bus accident, giving his own life in the process.  But this man, Jacques Fillon, doesn’t exist.  He’s lived in this Swedish community for the last dozen years, but beyond that, he’s a ghost.  Dan has to find out who this man is and what he was running from while trying to stay one step ahead of the people who are trying to kill him.

The premise was great.  And for the first few chapters, I was on board with it.  I was looking forward to seeing how this was going to play out and see how the characters were going to develop.  It started out great, lots of action and excitement.  Then we go to Sweden and it all falls apart.

The characters were boring, unbelievable and I couldn’t bring myself to be interested in them in any way.  Dan could have been a very exciting character.  He has a checkered and violent past, he lost someone close to him, he was running for his life.  Then he turned into a boring one-dimensional character hell-bent on revenge.  He became a cliché.  I was more incredulous by the introduction of Inger.  She was the most unbelievable character in a novel filled with clichés and boring characters.  At one point this novel went from being a thriller to being a romance novel, and not a very good one at that.

The epilogue was the only redeeming part of the book aside from the first few chapters.  If the rest of the book had gone the way of these parts, it could have been closer to a 5 star read.  I simply can’t recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a well written thriller.  This was definitely not my cup of tea.


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