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Review: Waking Gods by Sylvain Neuvel

4 Stars

This is the sequel to Sleeping Giants and as sequels go, this one was pretty darn fabulous.  Written again as excerpts from diaries, recordings and interviews, the story takes a darker turn.  The metal giant that Rose found as a child is now something of a media darling.  Everyone wants to see it and be near it until a second giant, even bigger than the robot that Rose and the Earth Defense Corps has been using and learning about.  One that is not so kind.  One that unleashes a brutal and deadly attack.  As more of these massive robots appear, we are thrown into what can only be characterized as an alien invasion.

Rose and her team refuse to surrender, but the odds are squarely stacked against them.  One wrong move and everything that we know could disappear.  Or we could unlock the secrets of these massive robots and become the masters of our own destiny again.  But at what cost?

The author takes us on one hell of a ride and one that I thoroughly enjoyed.  Right up until the end.  As I got nearer to the end my heart raced and I read faster and faster and then suddenly there were no more pages.  I was a passenger in the car and startled my boyfriend when I yelled “NO!  That can’t be the end!!!”.  I usually despise cliffhanger endings to the point where I will refuse to read the next novel.  But I will gladly make an exception in this case.  The cliffhanger ending, while despised, was absolutely perfect in this situation.  I don’t think it could have ended any differently.

I desperately hope that there is another novel because I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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