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Review: Beating Ruby by Camilla Monk

4 Stars

I received this an an ARC from the author after reading and reviewing the first book in the series, Spotless.  And being a total airhead, I totally forgot to post my review until I got an e-mail about the upcoming third novel in the series.  So I apologize to the author, I don’t have any other excuse other than to say I was busy trying to convince Krakky to pick the lotto numbers for me.

This book is the second in the Spotless series and picks up a few months after we left Island Chaptal.  She has seemingly gotten on with her life after she was kidnapped and learned that everything she knew about her life was a lie.  She has a new job that she enjoys and she has found a nice, normal boyfriend, Alex.  She is still healing from her broken hart, having had it broken at the hands of March.  The hit man sent to kidnap her and who ultimately helps her unravel the secrets of her life.

Island has been working on Ruby, a revolutionary software project for the banking industry.  Her boss is soon found dead and all evidence points to him stealing a vast fortune using Ruby and then erased all records of the transaction and the software itself.  Of course it falls to Island to clear his name and set his legacy right.  And of course she needs to turn to the one man who broke her heart to help her.  But can she trust him again?

Once again this book is hilarious.  A romance novel that doesn’t take itself too seriously and allows the reader to laugh at the plot, the characters and ultimately themselves.  A truly tongue-in-cheek approach to “Chick-Lit” that makes you smile every time you pick up the book.  It’s a romance novel that makes fun of the entire genre.  Every outlandish situation is one that makes you smile.  You know that nothing like this would ever really happen in real life, but that’s the whole idea!

Once again this book had everything.  Romance, intrigue, epic battles and a scene with a baby octopus that simply cannot be missed.

I love the characters in spite of myself.  You really do have to suspend belief because there cannot possibly be people like this in the real world.  Though, if there were, I think I would love to meet them!

If you want a romance that doesn’t take itself or the characters too seriously, definitely pick up this series.  As long as you read them in the spirit that they were written, you will not be disappointed.

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Review: Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

3 Stars

I ended up liking this book more than I thought I would.  I wasn’t really impressed in the beginning and I’ll admit, the only reason I stuck with it at first was to get to the bottom of who died and who did it.  I did find myself enjoying the story the further along I got, but it was a rough start.  I think the writing style wasn’t my cup of tea more than anything else.  I usually don’t mind much when the story shifts from one point of view to another, but not only did this go from one point of view to another there was the addition of snippets of interviews done with other parents after the incident.  I think they were meant to give more backstory and what the whole mess looked like from other parties, but it ended up being distracting and confusing.

The story revolves around the Kindergarten class and their parents.  Jane is new in town and her son Ziggy is accused on the very first day of bullying the young daughter of Renata.  It quickly becomes a matter of which camp you are in.  Camp Renata where they go so far as to start a petition to have a child who was accused but never proved to have bullied anyone removed from the school.  Then there is camp Jane where everyone is just a little less catty and more interested in making sure that Jane and her son are treated fairly.

The main characters are Madeline, Celeste and Jane with everyone else kind of being in the background.

Madeline has to deal with her ex-husband and his wife.  They have moved into the same suburb and their daughter just happens to be in the same class as Madeline’s youngest daughter.  To make matters worse, her oldest daughter has decided that she no longer wants to live with Madeline, she wants to live with her dad and stepmother, Bonnie.  She lies to herself and everyone else, saying that she’s perfectly okay with the arrangement, but she’s devastated.

Celeste is the quintessential perfect woman.  Rich husband, perfectly behaved twin boys.  Stunningly beautiful with what looks like the perfect life  But looks can be deceiving and there are cracks in this perfect life.  Little lies that soon turn into big lies.  Secrets that threaten to come out and things that are seen and can’t be unseen.

Jane is the new mother in town.  She’s younger than most of the other “kindy” moms and was even mistaken as a nanny during orientation.  She is a single mom and she hasn’t told Ziggy or even  her own family who the father is.  She just tells them it was a one night stand and she doesn’t remember him.  She has her own secrets too.

It really was an interesting book and the interaction between the women was done very well.  I wish that it was more just their voices instead of interspersing the voices of other parents, but that’s just my opinion.  I did enjoy the mystery aspect and trying to figure out who was going to die and who was going to be the one at blame.  I wasn’t quite as surprised by who died as I was by how it came about and who did it.  I think the book was worth it just for the satisfaction that came from the revelation.

Good “chick-lit” book and it was a quick read, so I’d recommend it to someone who wants a light, fast read for the beach or plane trip.  Or just wanting to curl up on the couch with a nice hot cup of tea and a warm blanket.


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Review: The Forbidden Billionaire by J. S. Scott

3 Stars…maybe…

Caveat:  This is Book 2 in the Sinclairs.  I have read, but did not review the first book in the series No Ordinary Billionaire.  In order to really get the whole picture, you’ll want to read the books in order.  You can almost read this book as a stand alone, but there are pieces to the backstory that are only made clear by reading the first book.

Review: I grudgingly gave this book 3 stars.  It wasn’t terrible, but it really wasn’t that good either.  But I also couldn’t put it down, so I felt I had to put that extra star in there just for keeping me sucked into the story.  What really surprised me though was the fact that a supporting character drew me in far more than the two lead characters and I’m really looking forward to getting to know Evan better.  Even as a supporting character, he really stands out.

This book focuses on Jared Sinclair and Mara Ross.  He is part of the incredibly wealthy and, as chance would have it, sinfully good looking Sinclair clan.  He is an architect by trade, he has a love of old homes and architecture in general.  He gave up the dream of restoring old homes due to a long ago betrayal and went into the real estate business and added to his riches.  It’s not what he wants to do, but he feels like it’s what he has to do.  It hurts too much to look at the past and the misplaced guilt of what happened after he was betrayed by the people who he should have been able to trust most.  He’s back home in small town Amesport for his brother’s wedding and this is where he meets Mara, the local doll-shop owner.

Mara is not your typical femme fatale.  She’s a little too curvy and has absolutely no self-esteem.  She meets Jared during a particularly low time in her life.  She’s a small shop owner who lives above her shop in a very old home.  That home is being sold by the owner and she’s being evicted.  Her doll shop has been passed down from her grandmother to her mother and now to her.  She’s not making any money and what money she does make by selling jam, sauces and taffy at the local farmer’s market, goes right back into keeping herself alive.

Jared arrives with a business plan and a way to keep everyone happy.  He will put up the capital to get her up and running and selling her consumables full-time.  Mixing business and pleasure.  They feel an instant and overwhelming attraction to one another.  They try to keep business and personal life separate, but that doesn’t exactly work out as well as they’d like.

There were a few turn-offs for me in this book.  The language was overly vulgar.  I’m in no way a prude, trust me on this.  But there really is such a think as using the “F” word too much.  There were many times where I thought to myself “if a guy actually talked to me like this, I’d probably slap him across the face and walk away.” but all it does is make Mara hot.  And that’s another thing.  Mara has absolutely NO self-esteem.  She has nothing good to say about herself, ever.  She’s about as interesting as a wet noodle.  She gets a little better as the book goes on, but she really is annoying.  Give the girl a backbone!

I didn’t hate it, I didn’t love it.  But if you’re looking for a feel-good story with animal attraction, some sex and a glimpse into the ridiculously wealthy…give this one a try.  Be warned, there is quite a bit of vulgar language and the sex scenes are fairly graphic, but not obscenely so.

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