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Review: The Night Charter by Sam Hawken

4 Stars

For just the second time in recent months, I read a hard-cover book and not an e-book.  I joined Book of the Month club (dangerous find for a book addict) and I choose The Night Charter as my selection for February.

This book introduced a new to me character named Camaro Espinoza.  From what I understand, she’s been around for awhile in novella form but this is the first full-length novel featuring her character.  And as someone who had never been introduced to this character before, the author did a very good job of introducing her.  There were enough snippets and flashbacks that make me want to go back and read the previous works so I can find a little more about her history.  She’s definitely a very interesting character.  Former soldier who had done some bad things in her past for the right reasons and had to flee her past life.  She now makes her living as a charter boat captain, taking customers out for some deep ocean fishing.

It all starts with a man who came to hire her boat for night fishing.  Parker Story, a man with a story.  A man who is mixed up in something bigger than he is.  What begins as a request to hire her boat for a night of fishing turns into something much more.  He has become mixed up with some not-so-nice people who want to pay her $10,000 to take them into Cuban waters to pick up a man and bring him back to the states.  An easy trip, just in and out and she can go on her way a little bit richer for just a few hours of work.

Of course things don’t quite work out that way for Camaro, Parker or any of the other people involved.  Not only are they bringing in someone from Cuba illegally, they happen to be bringing in someone who both sided desperately want to get their hands on for much different reasons.  The Cubans want to capture this man because they believe he is a terrorist and a dissident, someone who stirs up unrest under the Castro regime.  But his compatriots in the States want him to further their cause in a battle that has been going on for nearly 60 years between Castroites and their Anti-Castro enemies.

There are not many twists and turns in this book.  You always know who the good guys and the bad guys are.  There are definitely plenty of grey areas, but it’s pretty easy to figure out who the true villains are.  What is interesting is how Camaro holds herself.  She isn’t squeaky clean and she definitely doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty.  She’s always at the center of the action and she’s sometimes the cause of it.  You can see that she does have a heart and a conscience, and if put into her shoes, how many of us would be able to do the right thing?

Plenty of action, the story moves fast and there is very little lull in the action.  There were a few characters that didn’t quite fit.  But they didn’t detract from what ended up being a really good action novel.  It’s always fun to see a female protagonist that isn’t a damsel in distress.



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