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Hello readers!

Why did I start this blog?  What is this going to be all about?  Who are you?  All very valid questions!  Well, dear reader, I started this blog so I had a place to share my thoughts about all of the wonderful (and not so wonderful) books that I read to help you answer that nagging question that always comes up when you find yourself staring at that book cover…is this book for me?

As you have probably guessed, this blog is going to mostly be about books and my thoughts and reviews of books that I’ve read…and I read a lot.  I’ve slowed down a little bit this year, I think I’ve only read 80-ish books so far this year!  I have varying tastes so you might see me review a New York Times best seller one day and then see me review a first time author the next.  One day I’ll review a steamy romance novel and the next day some gory, blood-drenched horror novel.  You never know what I’m going to read next and that’s the fun of it!  There will be a little something for everyone!

Bear with me, I might be old (that’s what my kids tell me at least) but I’m definitely new to the blogosphere.  I’m sure my writing will get better as we go.  Stick with me, dear reader, and hopefully we’ll have some fun along the way!

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